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To encourage and enhance participation of women of all ages and abilities in outdoor activities through hands-on education




What is Vermont Outdoors Woman?  We are a volunteer, member-driven, non-profit organization that facilitates access to a broad range of outdoor resources and services to women.  Through generous sponsorships from local and nationally based businesses and organizations we are able to accomplish the following goals:


What is Doe Camp? Doe Camp is a series of seasonal skill development weekend retreats open to women of all ages and abilities – from the youthful 18 year old daughters, to our sprightly great-grandmothers. Each woman signs up for four skill development workshops throughout the weekend.  With the support of Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife and other Vermont outdoors based organizations we have now created Doe Camps for two seasons; Winter and Fall!


Doe Camp provides educational and skill building programs in virtually all outdoor activities, including: Archery, Firearm safety, Hunting Skills, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Orienteering, GPS, Canoeing, Kayaking, Snowshoeing, Search & Rescue, Wildlife Photography, Snowmobiling, ATV Safety, Rock Climbing, Winter Camping, Wilderness First Aid, Self Defense, Mountain Biking,  Wild Medicinal & Edibles, Forestry and many more. 


Why sponsor Vermont Outdoors Woman?  Women are the fastest growing segment of outdoor recreation enthusiasts.  Women purchase or influence the purchase of 80% of all consumer goods and tend toward brand loyalty. Many of our members have yet to establish buying habits for products and services to fit an outdoor lifestyle. As an organization, we have seen an increase of women wanting to learn about outdoor recreation through our Doe Camp series. 


We are the women’s division of the Vermont Outdoor Guide Association (VOGA).  VOGA is a state wide information resource, and state policy advocate to Vermont’s outdoors recreation based industry.  The VOGA website ( is consistently visited by nearly 700 unique visitors each day. Visitors planning a trip to Vermont or Vermonters looking for guidance in a new outdoor activity – both are likely to visit this site.  These visitors are specifically searching the web to find what Vermont offers and how they can get it as conveniently as possible.


In exchange for your sponsorship, we promote your business on our web and at our events.  You can write off the value of your donation as an advertising expense.


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