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Anika Klem


Anika Klem is an aspiring naturalist who currently works in the Education Department at the NorthWoods Stewardship Center. She has been sharpening her birding skills for about five years now; first as a student, then later by leading bird walks, participating in bird banding, and working with different environmental education programs. Her interest in ornithology was originally sparked while attending Sterling College, a small environmentally focused school in northern Vermont, where she received her degree in Conservation Ecology. She is passionate about connecting people of all ages with the wonders of nature, from both a recreational and a scientific perspective.

April Lemay   April Lemay was born and raised in Canaan, VT a small town in the Northeast Kingdom. After graduating from Canaan Memorial High School April attended Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, VT. Her concentration in accounting and computer science earned her an entry level position at Deloitte & Touche (“Deloitte”), a leading professional services firm. April has been with Deloitte for 17 years and she is now the managing principal that leads Deloitte’s Investment Management Audit and Advisory practice. While April’s definition of investment management has changed since growing up in the small, rural town of Canaan where investment management means ensuring your tractor is well cared for she remains true to the values instilled growing up in Canaan. In her role at Deloitte April has had the opportunity to travel to many cities for business and pleasure and through those travels Canaan has remained “home” to April. During the summer of 2012 April saw an opportunity to stay connected to the community and family that she values so much in Canaan, VT. She purchased 800 acres of family land and started April’s Maple, a mid-size maple sugar farm. April’s Maple is more than a maple sugar farm - it is a way of life.
Barbara Schultz has worked in forestry for over 40 years, and has been a forest health specialist for the State of Vermont since 1980. She started her classes as a Forest Ecology instructor at CCV by predicting that everyone would learn to identify twenty trees, and it was true (even the student who said, “I can’t, I’m from Brooklyn”). She likes the “detective” part of her job, using clues in the forest to diagnose forest tree problems, and finds that knowing the trees and being able to read the woods makes any walk in the forest more interesting.
Bonna Wieler  
Bonna Wieler's main focus is offering people a connection with the natural world and the arts, with the aim of gaining self-assurance and skills, and she especially works with children of all ages. She is an American Canoe Association (ACA) Essentials Kayak Instructor and trip leader with summer camps and with Bold Paths Adventure, river curriculum teacher and consultant, networker and organizer/coordinator of environmental activities, and program specialist for after school programs with focus on natural arts and outdoor education. She also consults for camps and after school programs, teaching team building and environmental education. For more than 16 years, Bonna has directed Upper Valley camps (VerShare Camp and Touching the Earth and Arts Camp, her own small camp with 2-3 week-long sessions each summer), including outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, biking and rock climbing.

Brad Salon

  Brad Salon - My work at Roots combines my love for wilderness and adventure, hard work with good folks, building with my hands, and constant problem solving. Although I have a love for all the skills I have devoted possibly too much time to flint knapping stone tools and find ever increasing complexity and challenges to pursue with that skill. I have a love of bow building, archery, and hunting, a skill that has tested me on every level. The skills of tracking and awareness are brought to bare in every skill I work. The Scout classes are near obsession for me, but you will see that should you attend. Learning to connect these skills to the present day, to the present conditions of the world, I strive to re-evaluate and grow my perspective. My work is done in the company of friends, all determined in their own ways to make the world a richer, healthier place. I started teaching wilderness skills in 2000. Aside from there skills I have a deep love for telling stories through the mediums of picture and video. 
Bradley Carleton

Bradley Carleton is Owner/Operator of Champlain Valley Guide Service which specializes in waterfowling opportunities in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. Bradley has been a successful waterfowl hunter for 28 years and holds four state calling titles. Bradley is also a monthly columnist for Outdoor Magazine and Northwoods Sporting Journal and is currently in the process of constructing an Outdoor Educational Curriculum for At-risk Youth. He lives in Charlotte with his wife, Katie, two retrievers and a cat.

Bridget Butler

Bridget Butler, A.K.A The Bird Diva, has been a teacher/naturalist for more than 20 years working throughout New England. She has worked for the Audubon Society in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, for ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center as their Conservation Education Specialist, for WPTZ News Channel Five as an environmental reporter, as well as Jay Peak Resort as a snowshoe tour guide and professional ski/snowboard instructor. Bridget currently joins Jane Lindholm on Vermont Edition twice a year for the Annual Bird Show and is occasionally seen on WCAX with Sharon Meyer discussing the natural world. As the Bird Diva, she feels it important that birders use their passion for birds to make a difference by helping to protect habitat for birds and other wildlife. Bridget has her own guide/consulting business Bird Diva found at . She does not have a "favorite" bird, although she considers the Nashville Warbler "hot"!!


Cheryl Frank Sullivan is a lifelong outdoorswoman and equestrian. Her primary passions are bow hunting for white-tailed deer, ice fishing for northern pike and spending time with her horses. To fill the time between those activities, she can be found trolling for salmon, casting for bowfin and bass or bowfishing on Lake Champlain on her boat “The WildFisherWoman”. She also enjoys bird hunting (waterfowl, upland and turkey) and rifle and muzzleloader hunting. A graduate and full time employee at the University of Vermont, she has a MS in Plant and Soil Science specializing in the biological control of agricultural pests and a BS in Environmental Science with a focus in conservation biology. She conducts research and provides educational outreach at the UVM Entomology Research Laboratory on the integrated pest management (IPM) of agricultural and forest insect pests using natural enemies and bio-insecticides.

Christina Bean

Christina Bean has been hunting for ten years, and loves every minute of it.  She hunts bow season, rifle season, and black powder season for turkey, whitetail, partridge (ruffed grouse) and bunnies (snowshoe hares). Christina says each one holds a place in her heart, as they are all different and exciting on their own merits.


Clara Kazarov   Clara Kazarov was raised in suburban New Jersey, but learned to love the outdoors in the Shenandoah Valley on her family’s mountain property and at Kroka Expeditions in New Hampshire. Whether she is tanning a hide, sharpening her axe or cooking she is always singing. She is currently working for Farm and Wilderness Summer Camps and Mountainsong Expeditions. Clara is a seasoned outdoor facilitator and a new resident of Wallingford, VT where she lives in a Tiny House that she built this fall. You can often find her harvesting from her garden, sewing wool vests, or learning from the people around her.
Conifer (Connie) Morse  

Conifer (Connie) Morze is a tree farmer and herbalist, as well as a plant spirit healing practitioner, Reike practitioner, and yoga instructor.  She lives in Canaan, Vermont and has been studying the healing properties of trees and plants for over 20 years.  Connie guides garden and forest walks with the intention of helping others to understand these properties and to develop a closer connection to nature.


  Courtney Allenson is, amongst other things, a printmaker who specializes in carved wood, linoleum and rubber block prints. She draws inspiration from the diverse, unique, common and beautiful natural world and turns birds, animals and skulls into tiny printed works of art. Courtney has been teaching printmaking over the last eight years, most recently at Studio V in Vergennes, Vermont. She holds a BA in Studio Arts with a concentration in Printmaking.

Danielle Rougeau is the College Archivist at Middlebury College. She learned to log roll in a 2004 Winter Term class at Middlebury offered by nationally-ranked woman log roller, Lizzie Hoeschler. She now teaches log rolling to Middlebury students throughout the year, organizes log rolling competitions, and during the summer can be seen with a Key Log strapped to the roof of her car. She lives in Orwell, VT.

  David Shedd, is Publisher & Senior Editor of  , an on-line magazine devoted to encouraging people to get outdoors here in the northeast. His specialties are carrying insane weights in big backpacks over rough terrain to test packs, boots, snowshoes, and himself, and sleeping comfortably warm when the temperature sinks well below his sleeping bag's rating. David grew up in the Vermont woods far from neighbors (which explains some of his eccentricities) and started learning outdoor skills early. Much to his parent's consternation, he always found his way home, even before GPS. David loves pedaling road, mountain and cyclocross bikes all year and has raced on all three. He's survived the Mount Washington Hillclimb three times. He also enjoys backpacking, paddling kayaks, and has recently taken up "adventure obstacle course racing" which, he admits, is a form of institutionalized self-abuse. He also hunts and fishes, often from a backpack or kayak camp. In winter, he camps, snowshoes, and enjoys every type of skiing that doesn't involve terrain parks. Enthusiastic about all these pursuits and the necessary gear, he places a strong emphasis on teaching people how to do things safely; he knows the right way to do things precisely because he's probably already suffered the consequences of doing it wrong the first time!
Dayle Vance Goad   Dayle Vance Goad has been a volunteer to VOW since Doe Camp's first year running! She has come a long way since her first woman’s camp. She has become a level 2 archery instructor and hunts with her husband. They bow hunt in the fall for deer, turkey hunt spring and fall with shot gun and both are Let’s Go Fishing Instructor’s. She and her husband shoot as a team in a winter archery league at Pelkey’s and enjoy 3-D shoots in the summer.

Dawn and Dylan Ainsworth
have the joy of being business partners as well as husband and wife. Dawn received her Professional Photography diploma from The New York Institute of Photography. She is an award winning photographer whose work has been published in Outdoors Magazine, The Outdoor Gazette, The Caledonian Record, and The Kingdom Guide. Dylan is a Mossy Oak prostaffer, a columnist, seminar speaker, wildlife caller as well as a videographer. He attended Lyndon State College for Television Studies, as well as completing Brock Ray's Outdoor Videography course. He also holds a gunsmithing certificate and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. They both volunteer for VT Fish and Wildlife as Let's Go Fishing Instructors. They reside in the NEK with their two daughters, dog and cat. In their spare time they enjoy competing in Spartan Races, kayaking, snowshoeing, fishing and taking their dog Kainda to find deer and moose antler sheds.

Emily Eschner   Emily Eschner is a recent UVM graduate serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA. Burlington, where she works to provide reliable and affordable transportation to low-income Vermonters. She works daily with youth and adult volunteers who help with bike repair, and teaches weekly classes exclusively for women.
Fallon Abel
, Educator, Adventurer, Writer. Since deciding to attend college at the age of sixteen, Fallon has been a proponent of roads less traveled. She has taught high school English, explored more than 42 National Parks, studied in residential yoga and meditation communities, and volunteered on sustainable farms across the globe. A certified Wilderness First Responder with more than eight years experience leading wilderness expeditions, Fallon most recently led a group of teens on a 273-mile thru-hike of the VT Long Trail through the Questers program at Farm & Wilderness. Currently, Fallon is building her 8’x24’ tiny house while living in an off-grid yurt and working on her Masters degree at Middlebury College's Bread Loaf School of English. Fallon is passionate about social justice and is committed to providing opportunities for all people to discover the self-confidence and inspiration afforded by wilderness adventure
Gloria Jackson   Gloria Jackson and Bonnie Crawford (sisters) learned to make game meat pies and pickling from their mother, Audrey Jackson, who ran the dining room at Jackson's Lodge from 1958-1970. Bonnie went on to cook at the Northland Restaurant for 16 years and then ran her own very successful restaurant Bessie's Diner in Canaan for 13 years. Gloria has been the proprietor of Jackson's Lodge since 1986; and has catered lodge functions with Bonnie ever since. Gloria & Bonnie currently operate the renowned Jackson’s Cafe.
Jack Rowell

Jack Rowell is our photographer and hates to have his picture taken. Please don't tell him that you saw him here. He has contributed his extensive skills to Doe Camp since the beginning and when you want a professional photographer you can't do any better than Jack. He's fun too, Visit his web at:, 

  Jan Ruta is a Master Electrician owning her own business. She loves to teach, whether it be electrical concepts or sharing her love of biking. She biked across the country in the 80’s. More recently, she has completed several weekend bike camping trips, biked 150 of the 385 miles on the Erie Canal Trail and covered over 170 miles on the Great Allegheny Passage.

Lisa Lemieux
has been an educator for 35 years. She is passionate about teaching and sports. She has found a love for biking after riding a bike that caused her to have an “Ah-ha” moment….biking could be fun and comfortable. She would like to spread the news about the “jewels” known as rail trails located around the country. She has completed several weekend camping trips and covered over 170 miles on the Great Allegheny Passage.
Jamie Hess  

Jamie Hess - Nordic skating enthusiast Jamie Hess fell in love with the sport on a trip to Sweden in 1999. He is credited with boosting its popularity through his workshops, tours and Nordic Skater shop in Norwich, VT. The shop sells skates specially designed to skim over ice that hasn’t been smoothed by a Zamboni machine. The lakes of Vermont and New Hampshire offer some of the best conditions, including the four-mile loop on Lake Morey, which was expanded from two miles last year and is the nation’s longest groomed ice-skating trail. Nordic skating is closest in movement to skate skiing, in which cross-country skiers use diagonal strokes to propel themselves. Inline-skating experience would be the next best thing, followed by ice-skating in hockey skates.

Jean Gerber
has lead Women’s Canoeing Elderhostel trips for Hulbert Outdoor Center, and trips for the AMC. She has lead canoe trips in Temagami, Algonquin, Maine, and on the Connecticut River. Currently she is painting full time in her off grid cabin in Vermont. She is excited to share her outdoor sketching ideas and her experiences and knowledge in planning a wilderness trip. Email:
Jen Manwell   Jen Manwell is a camp counselor, fiber artist, natural arts and history program coordinator. Jen has been integrating nature and the arts into school and camp programming for the past 20 years. Having taught in several multi-age, independent schools, she has designed unique, inquiry-based thematic units that are responsive to her students’ interests and learning styles. Her academic and camp activities with children use fiber, paper, and theater arts as avenues for self-expression, problem solving, and representing learning. Email:
Jessica Krebs   Jessica Krebs has been fascinated with the outdoors since birth, often spending weekends camping and fishing with her mother in Michigan. Jess joined the Air Force at 18 and became one of the few female S.E.R.E. Specialists (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape). She has taught global survival skills to aircrew-members and anyone else with a high potential for going into combat. She has directed team-building (ropes) courses and prefers that relaxed teaching style over the old fashioned military style she learned under. So don't worry, she won't have you standing at attention, just smiling and learning! She's in Colorado now, where she's been guiding in Wilderness Therapy programs and is now starting her own survival school, but we hope to get her back.
Johanna Laggis is a dairy farmer in East Hardwick, Vermont. Along with her husband, John, his brother Chris and their families, Laggis brothers Farms milks 500 Jerseys and manages 1000 acres of land. In addition to dairying, they sugar and harvest timber. Johanna worked as a forester for the State of Vermont in the 1980's and still spends lots of time in the woods foraging for wild edibles, identifying everything alive and sharing her knowledge with friends and dogs. Johanna is currently serving on the Fish & Wildlife board as the Caledonia County representative.
John Kapusta   John Kapusta - Recently retired Vermont Fish and Wildlife Warden where he was Hunter Education Chief for 18 years. He has 22 years as chief firearms officer for the State Game Wardens and was a Hunter Ed Instructor for 34 years in firearms, bow and trapping. John has been a competitive handgun shooter, winning national titles with his team in Police Combat Shooting. John is an avid hunter, angler and wildlife photographer.
  My name is Jonathon Dodge, and I have been enjoying bicycles non-stop since I got my first Big Wheels one Christmas over 30 years ago.  A passion for road riding was the logical progression from my enjoyment of cross country running and skiing in high school and college.    Four years in college studying Elementary Education and Special Education helped me to develop a means of working with and relating to people, not just children, in a way that allowed me to land a dream job as the Director of Nordic Skiing at The Balsams Resort, in Dixville Notch, NH as well as the Director of their Mountain Bike & Nature Center.  Nearly a decade on the job there, coupled with years of riding, ‘wrenching’, guiding, teaching, adventuring, exploring, and learning have brought me to where I am today.
I own and operate The Spoke ‘n’ Word: Bicycle Repair & Advice in Colebrook, NH, as well as acting as a part-time mechanic/floor manager at Porky Gulch Bike Shop in Gorham, NH.  My amazing wife and I are raising our children in Coos County, NH and grasping at opportunities to set roots deep into this region.
  J.P. Choquette is a mystery and suspense author from New England ... Vermont, specifically. Here in the green mountains, she writes novels that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Stand-alone books include Epidemic (2013) and Dark Circle (2014). Subversion (2014) is part of the Tayt Waters mystery series. The sequel is coming out June 2015. The main character is a female sleuth with a good sense of sarcastic humor. Choquette is currently working on another suspense novel, this one set in the deep woods of the back country. Choquette is passionate about justice and her novels frequently interweave this theme into the fast-paced mystery/suspense stories she writes. With a bachelor's degree in psychology, Choquette remains fascinated by human behavior. In her free time, Choquette enjoys reading (of course!) riding her scooter, long walks, making junk-art and drinking hot beverages.


Karen Guile, originally from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, learned how to fish with her grandfather on Maidstone Lake. She recently started the "Fly Girls Of Stowe" Fishing Club. She  was a fly fishing instructor for Casting for Recovery and is a board member/ fly fishing instructor for Hope on the Rise. Karen owns and operates Stable Connections offering Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Equine Assisted Learning, Professional Education programs to create positive change for children, adolescents and adults.

Kathy Bennett   Kathy Bennett and my husband Alex MacLennan in Windsor, Braeburn Siberians. Our daughter Elizabeth opened the door to the captivating world of Siberian Huskies and dog sledding by asking to learn how 10 years ago at age 9. We began with 5 dogs for her to train, race, care for and love; we now have 35! Siberians are happiest when they can do what they were historically bred to do and so we dog sled! We breed on a limited basis to build our team and are working towards certifying a few as emotional therapy dogs. People often comment that it must be a lot of work to take good care of so many dogs; it is! However, when you are passionate about something, it doesn't feel like work, especially when you receive unconditional love in return. We can't imagine a day without our canine family!
Kevin Estela   Kevin Estela is the owner and head Instructor of Estela Wilderness Education. He brings extensive educational experience to the courses and material he offers. Kevin is a regular contributing author for various websites and magazines. He is a guest speaker at various sportsmen’s shows, speaking engagements and webinars. He is a product tester for Bark River Knife and Tool and a Mountain Khakis Professional Ambassador. Kevin has taught on both the East and West coast and has traveled around the country and even to the United Kingdom to teach bushcraft and survival skills. He has been featured on the History Channel as an on-air subject matter expert for Expedition Africa: Survival Tips and was the technical advisor for these promotional videos. Complimenting Kevin’s background in survival and wilderness skills is his martial arts training. Kevin is trained in Sayoc Kali and is an Instructor in the Filipino martial arts system. He is also a Black Belt in the Applied Self-Defense program at RiSu Martial Arts and a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Sifu Chris Smith. Kevin has also received extensive firearms training and has trained under the best Instructors around.
Kristen Sharpless   Kristen Sharpless works as a conservation biologist and education coordinator for Audubon Vermont, and as a consulting ecologist and naturalist. Kristen graduated from the Field Naturalist program at UVM in 2007 and is a certified secondary science teacher. She has done forestry work in northwest and central Vermont, and is particularly interested in wildlife habitat management and town forests. Kristen enjoys skiing, gardening, photography, salsa dancing, and being in the woods. She lives in the Mad River Valley.

Larry W. Hamel

  Larry W. Hamel resides in Hardwick, Vermont.  He is currently President of the Lamoille Valley Fish & Game Club and is a certified VT Hunter Education Instructor.  He has been working with women's groups instructing muzzleloader, rifle and handgun safety courses for the past 20+ years. He is a carpenter by trade and a hunter-tracker-competitive shooter-woods-man by choice. Phone: 802-472-6350
Laura Zerra

Laura Zerra Though she had been exploring wild places since she could walk, Laura officially began her studies at Connecticut College in 2003, where  she studied ecology, zoology, botany, and ethnological uses of natural resources. Her real education was outside the classroom, where she began learning brain tanning, tracking, meat processing, and bow building under Manuel Lizarralde. In 2005, she started teaching primitive survival skills at Great Hollow Wilderness School and began traveling around North America, practicing her skills and teaching along the way. Though focusing on primitive survival, Laura has also worked as a taxidermist, butcher, and farrier. In 2013, Laura was able to put her skills to the test, spending 21 days in full survival in Panama as a cast member of the Discovery show Naked and Afraid. She currently resides in New Hampshire, and shares her love of adventure and all things outdoors guiding custom expeditions and teaching primitive survival skills through her business, Zerra Expeditions

  Lea Calderon-Guthe is a professional chef, facilitator and counselor. After five years as a cheesemaker in rural North Carolina, she moved to Vermont and devoted herself to farmer advocacy, social justice education and wilderness enthusiasm. After an attempted solo thru-hike of the Long Trail in December 2013, she learned how to cook almost anything in cast iron over an open fire in any weather, and she enjoys cooking outside whenever she can. She lives on top of a mountain in central Vermont with her partner, one kid, two cats and seven chickens, and she spends her days cooking for children, hiking, gardening and disrupting dinner parties with feminist ideas. lea.calderonguthe(at)
  Leah Gifford: My name is Leah Gifford. I am a 36 year old mother of 3. I have always had a passion for physical activity and overall health. Specifically, I have a love for strength and conditioning (a.k.a. weight lifting) and the challenges and discipline that it takes to reach your goals. About 5 years ago, while working out, I decided to further my love for the gym and become a certified personal trainer. Currently, I work with clients in a one on one setting as well as teaching 2 boot camp classes a week. I enjoy educating and helping people work towards being the best they can be. My clients range from high school athletes, to middle age men and women. I am motivated and inspired by them.
Leslie Ruster is an educator originally from the South Shore of Lake Ontario and has taught various subjects from Spanish, skiing and women's health education to yoga, English and conservation skills. She learned how to use an axe working on and leading trips for various conservation corps, studied literature at Oberlin College, edible wild plants at the Wisdom of the Herbs School and is a student at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism. She's currently focusing her studies on herbal medicine, forest ecology, and the art and power of storytelling.
Lilias Ide   Lilias Ide teaches Mountain Biking and is the Operations Manager and Program Director for The Kingdom Trails Association in East Burke, VT. She is a highly skilled athlete and has honed her riding skills alongside some of the best riders in the Northwest, where she lived until moving back home to VT in 2008. She is currently certified in CPR and WFA and is on the Sinister Bikes Factory Team as well as a member of the Board of Directors for the Kingdom Kids Association.
Linwood H. Smith   Linwood H. Smith has over 30 years of experience in teaching archery skills and with all brands of archery equipment repair. He will work one-on-one with you to pinpoint any troubles with your set-up and get your gear shooting hitting the right spot with the right force no time! Linwood Smith Archery Pro Shop located in St. Johnsbury, VT is proud to offer their customers the award winning performance of Martin as well as all of the equipment and accessories to help you reach your archery goals. Every Bow Lynwood sells is carefully configured and setup to wield the best possible performance. we have a large indoor and outdoor archery shooting range. Courses are available year-round, but our peak season is August through October. If you fail to find a course that meets your needs, check back frequently. The site is updated as new courses are received. 
Lori Sampietro Lori Sampietro - Montgomery Adventures is a woman owned, complete outdoor Guide co. My Husband Keith is my partner in our Adventurist life . We have bred and raised all our dogs for our teams, here at our Kennel in the Deep Gibou, of Montgomery Vt. Our love for the outdoors, and how much fun is still to be had in the great outdoors, makes us want to show others, all the different things we can offer. From Dog sledding ,overnight adventures with the dogs, snowshoeing and Ice Fishing in the winter, to hiking, camping , boating, and small tours of our area business's, to Fall foliage cart rides, and Photography tours, Montgomery Adventures will custom make a vacation you can remember. Keith is also an Archery Instructor. visit our web site at, Even our sleds are handmade here in Keith's workshop, the wood is cut, milled and steamed by Keith.
Maeve Kim

Maeve Kim started birding as an excuse to get out of the house and away from a bad marriage. It soon became so much more! Her life has been enriched beyond all of her expectations by the many hours and days she spends in woods and swamps and meadows, watching birds both common and rare go about their daily lives. Maeve has gone birding all over the country. (She’s heading for Alaska in May.) She’s taught birding workshops in schools and libraries and has led walks for beginning birders as part of the Green Mountain Club and Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge. She also participated in the recently completed Vermont Breeding Bird Atlas. Maeve’s “favorite bird” is often the one that’s right in front of her at that moment.

Mark Wilde

Mark Wilde has been a beloved Instructor of Doe Camp over the last ten years. He is the owner and lead guide of Uncle Jammer's Guide Service in St. Albans, Vermont. Mark offers four season fishing trips and specializes in fly fishing. His programs include drift boat and canoe trips for fishing as well as nature watching.
  Murphy Robinson is the founder of Mountainsong Expeditions. She spent 8 years as a traveling wilderness guide and trail worker before putting down roots and starting her own wilderness company in Calais, VT. She's thru-hiked the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail; hunted deer in North Carolina, Maine, and Vermont; and cleared countless miles of trails with an ax and crosscut saw. Murphy is passionate about empowering women with solid backcountry skills and enabling people to experience a spiritual connection with the land. She leads backcountry trips and teaches classes in bow drill fires, spoon-carving, ax skills, and the popular Huntress Intensive. She learned most of her ax skills in the California Conservation Corps Backcountry Trails Program.
Marty Simon   Marty Simon -  along with his wife Aggie own and operate the Wilderness Learning Center A full time outdoor school in New York State on the Canadian border. They recently completed their 25th year of operating the Wilderness Learning Center. He is a nationally recognized wild plant expert.  He also teaches programs in many other areas including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Connecticut, North Carolina and Vermont. He has been featured in many magazine articles, newspapers, web sites and is probably the most quoted outdoors expert living today. He has taught here a Doe Camp for over 8 years. Although his specialty is edible & medicinal plants he has been teaching wilderness survival for over 45 years. He has taught military forces in Canada, Europe and South East Asia. Every year he has students attending his programs from all over the world. He has led guided trips all over the East coast and as far West as Michigan. Wilderness Learning Center, 435 Sandy Knoll Rd., Chateaugay, N.Y. 12920 Phone (518)4973179

Meg Carter


Meg Carter has worked with the NorthWoods Stewardship Center in several capacities since she joined the team in May 2011. Starting as a Land Management and Conservation Science Intern learning forestry and Vermont ecology, she then became a Conservation Corps crew co-leader, an Americorps volunteer doing conservation science and land management education as well as forestry work, and is now their Conservation Science Specialist in the Forest Stewardship Institute. She has helped create the maps for the Vermont Small Mammal Atlas, map the Clyde River Wetlands, carry out forest management practices on private properties, assist with the Emerald Ash Borer first detection system, and is in the process of completing a Stream Geomorphic Assessment for Leach Stream in Canaan. She graduated from Pacific University in Oregon in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology. Between graduation and coming to NorthWoods, she worked as an intern on an organic farm in Wheelock, VT and a lift attendant at Burke Mountain, where she still occasionally works in the winter.

Nancy Patch

Nancy Patch works for Vermont State Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation and is the Franklin-Grand Isle County Forester. She has had this job for just over a year. For the previous 20 years, Nancy had worked as a consulting forester managing private woodland in Northwest Vermont. Nancy has a B.S in Forestry, an MA in Education , an MS in plant and Soil science. Nancy is also the chair of the Enosburgh Conservation Commission. She lives with her husband Kevin Conneely and dog Lupe on their 200 acre woodlot in Enosburgh, Vermont.



Nome Buckman is owner and operator of Reel North LLC, , a fly fishing guide service & educator and editor for a women's fly fishing magazine, She is a Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) instructor for Michigan and assist with several fly fishing clinics throughout the midwest and northeast. Nome is also a published author, commercial fly tier, photographer and writer.


Nova Kim   Nova Kim and her partner Les Hook bring their wealth of information from over eighty years of wildcrafting knowledge and combined experience of working with forest resources in the Northeast, South and Rocky Mountains. They are long-time gatherers and spirited educators, whether at the Smithsonian, Terra Madre Italy, IWEMM-7 Guatemala or Vermont's various educational institutions. Featured in numerous books and articles including the NY Times Magazine, NY Times, New York Magazine, Village Voice, Green Living Journal, Yankee, Vermont Life and others. They have been featured guests on programs as diverse as VPR's Vermont Edition, NPR's Splendid Table, NPR's The Weekend Edition Saturday, PBS's Makin Friends with Ryan Miller.
Paul Tice   Paul Tice has been shooting competitive archery and bow hunting for over 20 years.  He has been on the national pro staff for Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) for six years, he is a certified Bow Hunting instructor for the State of Vermont and a certified archery instructor through the National Archery Assoc. and Email:
Paula Lee Paula Lee's interest in self-defense started 15 years ago through a Parks and Recreation-sponsored Karate program. She fell in love with the Shotokan discipline and the drive needed to succeed; she earned her black belt in 1998. She has since become a Certified R.A.D instructor for both basic and advanced self-defense and feels driven to advocate self-defense for both women and children. Paula teaches through the Shelburne Parks and Recreation Program and assists local police departments with their R.A.D classes.
Richard Bayer   Richard (Dick) Bayer resides in Alburg, Vermont.  He began shooting while at Notre Dame as a member of the NROTC Rifle Team. He a certified VT Hunter Education, Bow Hunting, and Trapper Instructor.  He also is trained as an NRA Rifle, Pistol, Home Safety, and Personal Protection instructor and is also both a VT Hunter Education and NRA Range Officer.  In addition he instructs Boating Safety and Snowmobile Safety for the VT State Police Recreational Enforcement unit. He frequently competes at the Pistol Matches at the Alburg Rod & Gun Club. He is a programmer/systems analyst/computer support professional for the past 30 years. Green Mountain Solutions, Inc.,
Robbo Holleran   Robbo Holleran is a private consulting forester with 20+ years experience and currently manages approximately 45,000 acres. His specialty is public education about forest-related and environmental issues and is on the board of directors of several forest related organizations. Robbo brings a practical knowledge to advancing the art and science of forestry. He lives with his wife, six children and an extensive bonsai collection of native trees. Email:

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Robin O'Neill Wright - I am a Registered Nurse in my real life, working as a School Nurse in Lamoille County, VT. I attended BOW camp years ago in Craftsbury and DOE camp at Camp Abenacki last year and my favorite activity was orienteering. This drew my interest to Geocaching when I heard about it this last year. I got my GPS for Christmas and started searching for those hidden caches all over the state and I have expanded my search to other states. As of the 1st of July I have found over 40 caches and have hidden 2. That still puts me far behind many people who credit themselves with over a thousand finds. I helped organize Geocaching in our schools Sports For Life program and volunteered to lead the Geocaching class at the Jay Peak Doe camp. I am enthusiastic about the potential Geocaching has as a family or individual sport to get us out exploring areas of the state or world we may not know are there. Need an excuse to hike that mountain, try Geocaching!
  Ruth Holleran is a former teacher, now a stay-at-home mother who home-schools all her children.  She cooks over an open hearth at Fort at Number Four in Charlestown, NH, and teaches children who come for the overnight program to churn butter, make stew and bread.  She serves as many as 60 for supper and breakfast, preparing only what can be cooked at the open hearth. She has learned to make family foods over fire, and is eager to show at what a Dutch Oven can do.
Sarah Corrigan   Sarah Corrigan, Sarah is an herbalist and primitive skills practitioner who has a focus on ethnobotanical studies. Informed by these land based arts, she finds they offer the rewards of self reliance through skill, responsibility and gratitude through growing and gathering, and the awe and wonder of things through the beauty of the natural world. In effect, that this interaction can educate us to being more capable, responsible, and healthier human beings. As a student and an educator, she remains passionate about continuous learning, and facilitating a student's relationship to the natural world through supporting their own learning processes.
Steve Hardy   Steve Hardy received a BA in Environmental Studies from Johnson State College and graduate studies from UVM in silviculture. Over the past 25 years he has worked in the woods as a logger, equipment operator, timber buyer and forester. Presently he is owner and founder of Green Mountain Forestry which manages 35,000 acres in VT, NH, NY & MA. and founding director of Northeast Regional Forest Foundation. Steve is a certified forestry assessor for the Smart Wood program, and graduate of the Society of American Foresters Leadership Academy. He coaches Alpine Ski Racing and races himself, is a passionate salmon fly fisherman, and is raising 5 children with his wife Debbie. Email: 
Stuart Farina

Stuart Farina is the owner and lead guide for Dog Paddle Kayaks in St Johnsbury, Vermont. Stuart offers individual and group instruction, also guided day and overnight trips on the lakes and rivers of Vermont. His programs included all the safety equipment and gear you will need. He is also the kayaking instructor for Lyndon State College. Email:


Susan Morse Susan Morse is a nationally recognized naturalist and habitat specialist with thirty years of experience tracking and interpreting wildlife uses of habitat. She is an active member of the Western Forest Carnivores Committee and Northeast Carnivore Conservation Working Group and has focused her research activities on cougar, bobcat, black bear, and Canada lynx. Sue was the recipient in 2001 of the Franklin Fairbanks Award for her lifelong creative and dedicated service to enriching the awareness and understanding of the natural world among the residents of New England. Susan founded Keeping Track in 1994 and developed her procedures and techniques on six square miles of wild country surrounding her home, 'Wolfrun', in Jericho, Vermont.
Terri Melincoff   Terri Melincoff is an avid mountain and road bike rider. She serves on the advisory board for the Bellaship, the women’s affiliate for the Fellowship of the Wheel , participates in the Catamount weekly mountain bike race series and is a budding triathlete. In addition, Terri’s passion include kayaking, gardening, cooking, spending time with her friends and family, including her New Foundland and St Bernard puppy. In the winter, Terri spends as much time as possible on the trails of Sugarbush.

Tim Jones

  Tim Jones is Founder and Executive Editor of an on-line magazine devoted to encouraging people to get outdoors here in the northeast. Tim's motto is "Life isn't a spectator sport. Get out and enjoy!" and he practices what he preaches. He wandered from the back yard of his rural New Hampshire home as a toddler and has been exploring outdoors ever since. He started skiing at age 4, was still in grade school when he started camping, hiking, and paddling canoes, and taught both Alpine and cross-country skiing while in high school and college. A full-time journalist for nearly 40 years, he has published over 1500 feature stores and thousands of newspaper columns on outdoor pursuits. Winter is his favorite season and he enjoys camping; snowshoeing; Alpine, AT backcountry, Telemark and Cross-country skiing; Nordic skating and winter mountaineering. When there's no snow, he hikes, paddles sea kayaks, rides bikes, camps and climbs mountains. He is also an avid fly fisher and hunter. Tim's experience in the outdoors has taught him that the best way to safely learn any new skill is in incremental small steps and with expert instruction from someone who knows, not only how to do, but also how to teach.
Wendy Brothers  

Wendy Brothers is the Director of Intramurals and Recreation at Johnson State College. Over the past five years she has been pursuing her masters degree in education with a concentration in outdoor education. She has professional certifications with the American Canoe Association, Wilderness Medicine Association as a Wilderness First Responder and most recently she was certified as a Leave No Trace Master Instructor with the Appalachian Mountain Club. Wendy is an avid hiker, biker and paddler and enjoys snowboarding during the winter months here in Vermont.

Wendy Butler   Wendy Butler A lifelong nature enthusiast, conservationist and passionate hunter who thrives on getting other women excited about traditional outdoor sports.   With a particular interest in getting up close and personal with her quarry and a curiosity for history, her choice of firearms are flintlock muzzle loaders.  Wendy has participated in primitive biathlon events over the last 14 years in Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, winning in brackets for women, smoothbore, flintlock and pistol. She is  committed to introducing women to the sport of shooting. Wendy also successfully hunts with her flintlock rifle(s) for turkey, whitetail deer, elk and pheasant.



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Vermont Outdoors Woman
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